Abstract Division


Abstract Division is a collaboration of Paul Boex and Dave Miller. Next to performing, producing and running the label Dynamic Reflection, the duo also hosts their own Decode event series in the Netherlands. With over 25 years of collective experience under their belt, the established duo of Abstract Division is bringing deep and energetic techno sets to any club, rave or festival. Their productions sound underground, yet refreshing and each new one marks a subtle evolution in sound. Paul is an experienced dj, producer and label-boss of the Dynamic Reflection imprint, including the new sublabel The Nursery, aimed to bring focus on talented, upcoming producers. Dave has earned his stripes through his productions on Audiosculpture, his longstanding career of vinyl-only sets and his more recent work as an audio engineer. Combining their love and keen ears for techno, their sets are spontaneous, but always have a strong story line and evolving flow. Abstract Division likes to build and surprise, but never loses the interaction with the crowd.