Captain Hollywood

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Tony Dawson-Harrison is referred as Captain Hollywood as soon as 1987 when he released "Debora / Streetjazz" on the label Magic Cube. The name was given to him by his military friends (because he danced even when in uniform). His first opus "Do That Thang" was released later in 1989. He was later involved in a few productions with the Eurodance formation Twenty 4 Seven. The Captain Hollywood Project (1992-1995) was a major success before Harrison decided to return to his primary alias. All releases from that period can be found there. The album "The Afterparty" (1996), produced by Bülent Aris (from Fun Factory), was released in conjuncture with the decline of Eurodance, but still managed to entertain with the title track, "Love And Pain" and "Over And Over". After many years of silence, Captain Hollywood came back in 2001 with "Danger Sign", a single set in a total new genre.