Destroyer 666

Stage & Screen


Australian Death/Black/Thrash Metal act Deströyer 666 was formed in May 1994 by K.K. Warslut (guitar, vocals). One year later "" was recorded with help from session musicians Bullet Eater (bass) and Matt "Skitz" Sanders (drums). In October 1996 Bullet-Eater became a full-time member along with Shrapnel (guitar) and The Howitzer (2) (drums). They then started working on the second album, "", which was released in 1997. Later same year Howitzer left the band but was replaced by Deceiver (3). With the new members amazing talent and speed they recorded the 7" "". In 1999 the band began working on their third album, "", and after it was finished Bullet-Eater left the band but was replaced by S.Berserk. As the album was released in 2000 the band embarked on a tour to Europe, with Eric de Windt (drums) 'tour only' member, and participated in many festivals and even did a tour with Immolation, Decapitated and Deranged. In 2001 Chris Menning (drums) joined the band. The band relocated to Europe, Holland and they entered Sound Suite Studios and recorded "" which was released in 2002. It was followed by the EPs, "" in 2002 and "" in 2003 recorded at 489701