Toekomstige evenementen


Swedish gothic doom metal band founded in May 1994 as "Kerberos", playing melodic heavy/death metal with black metal influences. Seven months later, Anders Jacobsson joined and the band changed their name to "Draconian". Current line-up Daniel Arvidsson: Guitar Heike Langhans: Vocals Johan Ericson: Vocals, Guitar Jerry Torstensson: Drums Fredrik Johansson: Bass Anders Jacobsson: Vocals Former/Past members Thomas Jäger: Bass Magnus Bergström: Guitar Jesper Stolpe: Vocals, Bass Andreas Haag: Keyboard Andreas Hindenäs: Guitar Shadowgarden Susanne Arvidsson : Back Vocals, Keyboard Jessica Eriksson: Back Vocals, Flute Lisa Johansson: Vocals Andreas Karlsson: Keyboard