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Dutch (Happy) Hardcore, Hardstyle, Trance-DJ & -Producer. Labelmanager: Patriott Records Mental Movement Recordings Future Freaks Master Maximum Records Simple Symphonys Master Maximum Trance Traxx Bunkör Beats Riot Row Records Bunker Vinyl Supersonic Records Patriott Vinyl Patriott Hard-Beat Born 14-02-1965 Became famous in the duo "Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo".Theo Nabuurs was born on 14 February 1965 in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. Back then, nobody knew that he would become world famous. Even in his early years he loved to play sports like soccer (TGG), karate, ice-hockey, judo and baseball. On his 14th he started to play rugby at "The Dukes". During the seven years that he played there, he was once selected for the Dutch national team. After that he even was a cyclist and he learned how to thai-box. To keep in shape he participated in bodybuilding. On his 15th he started to play records. He worked as a light-jockey in discotheque "Chic" in Oisterwijk. On a sunday night he got lucky, the resident DJ was ill and they asked Theo to turn the wheels of steel. Without any nerves he played a good set and they asked him to do it more often. During the week, he worked in some recordstores. During weekends he stood behind the turntables, where he also has met his former girlfriend. He was the DJ and she was dancing on the floor...... it was love at first sight. Since 1999 Theo works for The Music Factory (TMF), a part of the Dutch MTV. He has his own show called "Mental Theo On The Road", in which he visits discotheques all around the country. In his other show called "Bounzz" he interviews DJ's and clips are shown of Happy Hardcore, Rave and Hardcore tracks. During the winter and summer he travels to far away countries to make his famous summer/winter specials. He is not only working for television, he also owns a racing team, called "Mental Racing", and he is co-owner of a record label, called Patriott Records, and a production company, called "Mental Television".