Turbo B.

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Rapper b. Maurice Durron Butler, 30 April 1967, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. First a drummer in a heavy-metal band, then he was doing Human Beatbox performances at the live shows for the Fat Boys in the 1980's. In 1990, while in the army in Germany, he was introduced to Snap! and became a member and a public face of the project. He left Snap! in 1991 due to the dissent within the group and pursued a solo-career, releasing a couple of singles. In 1994 he became a member of a Euro-Dance group Centory. In 2000 Snap! and Turbo B. rejoined for a comeback, and were working on an album that has remained unreleased up to this date. Turbo B., along with the founders of Snap! (Luca Anzilotti and Michael Münzing) also recorded some more rock-oriented material as Black Tiger.