Vato Gonzalez

Toekomstige evenementen


Björn Franken, known and notorious as Vato Gonzalez is a Dutch DJ / producer of the new generation and the underdog rebel of the house scene. In recent years he has built a label, event and music genre called ‘Dirty House. By being completely independent Vato managed to form a new genre within the current latin- and electrohouse scene, best described in his own words as ‘completely rocking the house!. From him comfortable position in the underground scene, he worked on gigs, productions and the infamous ‘Dirty House Mixtapes on Youtube!.It didnt take long before the big crowd picked up his sound and a new hype was born! Due to the overwhelming amount of bookings requests Vato decided to sign with Digidance Bookings in 2008, giving him the time and space to focus on his record label ‘Dirty House. This label gives other young and talented producers the opportunity to release their tracks for a bigger audience and helps them to fulfil their dreams. Next to this label and the booming Dirty House parties, Vato Gonzalez recently released his first mix album: Vato Gonzalez presents Dirty House. Definitely a fresh breeze through the current house related albums!