The Black Women Yoga Event

The Black Women Yoga Event

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Ketelhuisplein 41

1054 RD Amsterdam


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Black women, This yoga lesson is dedicated to you ! Treat yourself to a relaxing afternoon in a space created especially for you!

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Empowering Black women and girls through yoga, mindfulness and self-care.

Black women this yoga/selfcare event is created especially for you! Yoga, meditation and selfcare are a great way of looking after yourself, reducing stress and creating a calm relaxed state of mind. Take this time to take care of yourself, allow yourself to rest and to recharge!

This session is for newbies who are new to yoga and those who already practicing. It is for those black women who want to experience how yoga can be in a safe space full of inclusion and community curated just for you.

Benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness:

- helps you manage stress.

- Yoga can help with more energy and brighter moods.

- Yoga relaxes you, to help you sleep better.

- Yoga improves strength, balance and flexibility.

- Helps you to know peace in your body, mind and in spirit.

Why these events?:

This Alako X Yoga events series is a product of my love for black women, yoga and community. I believe that everyone deserves access to wellness, and that healing and selfcare especially for black women are important!

As an avid yoga practitioner, I noticed quite a grave lack of diversity in the yoga lessons that I attended. Yoga has so many benefits and can be so helpful in many ways that it should be accessible for everybody! I want to create the possibility for other black women to learn and experience what yoga and practicing selfcare can do for you. That is why I created these sessions.

The program: Yoga Teacher: Beatrice & Host: Bianca Omatuku

Introduction to mindfulness, meditation and selfcare.


Yoga session 1h

Relaxing with tea :)

Alako x Events: This yoga series is dedicated to black women who are entirely new to yoga and for those that have a consistent practice. It is a setting where black women can grow, practice and learn Yoga + Mindfulness in a community. We are focusing on improving the wellness of Black women and aim to support black women reaching for healing in every way possible!

Ticket price : 15 euro (excl ticket fees)

5 juni 9.45 -13.00, Ketelhuisplein 41, 1054 RD Amsterdam

Dutch and English speakers welcome :)

Next sessions:

10th july , 6th aug (saturday), 4th sep.

* Buy your Super selfcare ticket for all 4 sessions with a discount of 10 euro! A great price for Yoga lessons and the extras's that come with the event! Send an email to

** All tickets are non refundable! Please be on time :)

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