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Learn how to build a purpose-driven business and attract your ideal client.

Your ideal client. How to attract them? Where to find them? As (creative) freelancers and entrepreneurs, we all struggle with these questions. We experienced that it takes a mindshift to start attracting the clients you really want. In this course we will guide you to change your mindset, (re)discover your purpose and define who your ideal client is. Become a client magnet and start working with people you love!

After you got a ticket

Follow @collective.minds, Get access to our private course account (on ticket) by sending a friend request and a DM with a screenshot of your ticket. Everybody will get access to the account on Sunday, May 19. The course starts Monday May 20 at 10.00 (CEST).

Pay as you feel.

We want to share our knowledge with as much people as possible. After the course, we will invite participants to pay as they feel and appreciate our time and energy to create this course.

An instagram Course

An Instagram course, say whut? It’s the new way to get snappy quality info in a personal way. This is how it works. When you buy a ticket, you'll get access to our private Instagram account, where you can enjoy the course via stories. Every morning at 10am (CEST) new stories will be uploaded and saved in our highlights. You can check them in your own time and at your own pace! The course stays online for 1 month until 25 June.

If you have any questions please send them to


This course is for you if:

  • Know which limiting beliefs rule your business & how to overcome them.
  • (re)discover your purpose & incorporate personal values into your business.

  • Know how to optimize your website & social media to attract the ideal client.

  • Know practical tips & tactics to approach your ideal client.

  • Understand your mind is a powerful tool to attract the clients you want.

  • Know how to say no to clients that no longer fit, focussing on clients you lo

What you’re learning

DAY 1 — Mindshift

Shift your mind, see new things. The stories we tell ourselves everyday have a direct impact on the choices we make and the way we experience life. We'll share 2 methods to check where limiting beliefs still rule your life and how to overcome them. Create a mindset that attracts the clients you want!

DAY 2 — Your Ikigai

In order to get what we want, we need a clear sense of direction. Why do you do what you do? Once you know this, everything changes. We'll dive into the process of finding your Ikigai and share tips that helped us grow our business. P.S. whether you have a clear sense of purpose or no clue, we got your back!

DAY 3 — Your ideal client

When you try serving everyone, you end up serving no one. In this module you'll learn who your ideal client is based on your personal values and unique skill set. What do you deliver and what clients are a natural match? We'll share tips & tricks on how to communicate with your ideal client and how to say no to clients that no longer fit. Time to take control over your business and work with people you love!

DAY 4 — Get out there

Once you know who your ideal client is, you need to get out there. How to optimise your website, how to create value on social media? We'll share tips & tricks on how to approach your ideal client and what tactics to use - while at the same time maintaining focus. Believe in yourself, then things will come your way. Receiving mode: on!

DAY 5 — Manifestation

Train your mind and get yourself in a state of focus. On the last day you'll learn how to set new goals and visualise your future. Get yourself in manifestation mode by using our magical writing exercise! This last day our Live Q&A starts at 5pm (CEST). If you can't make it, no worries, we'll save the video.

BONUS — Course E-book

The course comes with a course e-book worth €24,99. Here you'll find a summary of the course contents. A clear overview with tips & tricks and the different exercises that will help you to attract your ideal client.

Allright! Excited to see you the 20th!

Mucho love,

Jurrien & Emeline, collective minds

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