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Cocktail and multisensory art experience

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Rosalia’s Menagerie exhibits a multi-sensory art experience in combination with two cocktails especially created for these works.

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At Rosalia’s Menagerie you can indulge yourself in a multisensory art experience in the hotel rooms. We exhibit in collaboration with curator Eveline Vondeling the work “Museum of Edible Earth” by Russian artist Masha Ru and Polish artist Anna Orlikowska’s creation “Uh, uhh, mmm”.

“Museum of Edible Earth” by Masha brings together a collection of edible soils from across the globe. The museum invites the audience to review their knowledge about food and cultural traditions using creative thinking.

Anna’s practice focuses on site-related works, which stretch the limits of medium of performance, installation, video, sculpture, text and sound. She is exploring the complex relationship between the ear and the eye and its relatedness to other senses. Anna worked for this exploration for the visitors with the specifics of the hotelroom and the situation which can be descried with ‘durational, space and time’.

We aim to give the spectator a new multisensory experience of art, outside of the museum of gallery space and that goes beyond the general gaze and distance we take of art as spectators.

For this edition the cocktail bar & inn Rosalia’s Menagerie has designed two cocktails to add to the multisensory aspect of these works. The exhibition ticket is including these two cocktails.

More information about the cocktails and conceptual framework we worked with can be given after the experience, for the time being we want you to wonder and be surprised!

This event is organised with COVID-19 safely measures. Maximum number of visitors per space is two persons and it is possible to book a solo visit to the exhibition if required.

For more information about the artists and curator please visit their websites

Masha -> http://masharu.nl

Anna -> http://annaorlikowska.nl

Eveline -> www.evelinevondeling.com

From more information about the location and cocktails:

Rosalia's Menagerie -> www.rosalias.amsterdam

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