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Crowdfunding Day

By Douw&Koren

When and where

Date and time

Mon, 15 Apr 2013 13:30 - 18:00 CEST


VU University Amsterdam, VU Medical Centre De Boelelaan 1117 1081 HV Amsterdam Netherlands


Crowdfunding Day is an event for professionals and entrepreneurs. Learn about crowdfunding success factors and explore the evolution and future of crowdfunding. Meet with European thought leaders and crowdfunding platforms.

Crowdfunding Day brings together crowdfunding platforms and experts, start-ups, innovation managers from the public and private sector, academic researchers, marketeers, fundraisers and more.

At Crowdfunding Day, you can get inspiration and strategic insights, explore the possibilities of crowdfunding for your organisation or industry and meet relevant partners.

View more information about the program on the event website.


The four themes of Crowdfunding Day are:

1. Crowdfunding success factors

Crowdfunding is a new way of raising funds. The concept is simple: a large number of people (the crowd) contribute small amounts of money to finance a project (or a company). Crowdfunding Day will start with an inspirational introduction about crowdfunding success factors.

2. The evolution of crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is evolving into a serious alternative for other sources and methods of funding. How will crowdfunding develop in the next few years? Specific focal areas of our speakers: funding creative projects, co-funding public initiatives and investing in companies.

3. International perspectives

Several European crowdfunding thought leaders from Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom will share their insights and perspectives. What can we learn from new developments in other European countries?

4. The future of crowdfunding

The main theme of Crowdfunding Day is the future of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding Day will close with a few perspectives on the future of crowdfunding.


These experts and frontrunners from the field of crowdfunding will share their insights and views on crowdfunding with you:

Irma Borst

Irma Borst is crowdology researcher at VU University Amsterdam. Irma will give a presentation titled "Roadmap for Crowdfunding, based on Open Source Evolution".

Jeff Lynn

Jeff Lynn (United Kingdom) is CEO and co-founder of equity based crowdfunding platform Seedrs. Jeff will give a presentation titled "Why equity based crowdfunding will become bigger in Europe than the US".

Karsten Wenzlaff

Karsten Wenzlaff (Germany) is founder of ikosom (Institute for Communication and Social Media). Karsten will give a presentation titled "Crowdfunding & Public Funding - Enemies or Friends?".

Kristof De Buysere

Kristof De Buysere (Belgium) has been trained in law, computer engineering and finance and is an expert on the legal aspects of crowdfunding in Europe. Kristof will give a presentation titled "The Evolution of Public Particpation - Past, Present and Future".

Mart Evers

Mart Evers is customer experience and innovation consultant at Ordina. Mart analysed thousands of crowdfunding campaigns to find why some are successful and some are not. Mart will give a presentation titled "Main Drivers of Crowdfunding Success".

Simon Douw

Simon Douw is crowdfunding consultant at Douw&Koren. Simon is chairman of Crowdfunding Day and will give the opening keynote, titled "Crowdfunding: The Future of Funding".

About the organisation

Crowdfunding Day is an initiative of Douw&Koren. The program is curated in cooperation with Crowdsourcing Week. VU University Amsterdam is host of the event.

Gijsbert Koren

Gijsbert Koren is crowdfunding researcher, strategic consultant and campaign developer at Douw&Koren. Douw&Koren supports organisations in reaching their crowdfunding ambitions.

Epirot Ludvik Nekaj

Epirot Ludvik Nekaj is organiser of Crowdsourcing Week in Singapore. Epirot is involved with curating the program of Crowdfunding Day.

Dan Marom

Dan Marom is PhD researcher at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and co-author of the book "The Crowdfunding Revolution". Dan is involved with curating the program of Crowdfunding Day.

Our partners

VU University Amsterdam

VU University Amsterdam is host of Crowdfunding Day.

Network Institute

Network Institute is sponsor of Crowdfunding Day.

Amsterdam Economic Board

Amsterdam Economic Board is sponsor of Crowdfunding Day.

Europa investeert in uw toekomst uit het Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling.

About the organiser

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Wij zijn crowdfunding gidsen. Of je nu een start-up bent of een financieel professional, een corporate of een creatief: we helpen je graag je weg te vinden in de wereld van crowdfunding.

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