Liberating Structures online immersion workshop, 432 € - 654 € + VAT 21%

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Liberating Structures online immersion workshop, 432 € - 654 € + VAT 21%

Practical, transformational, playful. Learn how to have meetings that rock in 4 half-day workshops: June 14 &15 and July 5 & 6 , 2023

By Nadia von Holzen and Ewen Le Borgne

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About this event

  • 22 days 3 hours
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Come learn Liberating Structures and unleash radically different relationships and results in your collaborations

Learn Liberating Structures and join the silent revolution

“Most of the meetings I attend are meaningless or follow the same old boring routine”

“I’m tired of hearing the same voices all the time”

“If only there was genuine listening and dialogue in our collaborations, there would be more space for discovery and sustainable solutions”

Do these comments feel familiar? That’s because it’s a reality too many people live. We are invited to conversations, meetings and collaborations that don’t really pay attention to us, our needs, and our aspirations.

Isn’t there a place for having grander conversations, where all voices are valued and build on each other towards more promising solutions?

This is the promise of Liberating Structures:

To walk an earth where everyone is invited to join the choir and contribute their ideas, and co-create a better team, workplace, project, landscape, and planet. And to do that with super simple yet deep ways of thinking, communicating and collaborating together.

Join our four-(half)day immersion workshop, and change your conversations and results, with minimum effort and maximum results. Time to liberate yourself and the people around you. Now!

What are Liberating Structures?

Liberating Structures are 33+ simple, playful and powerful methods for group participation and collaboration. They put people -everyone- at the centre of thinking, designing and problem-solving. Tapping into multiple intelligences and people’s creative imagination to crack issues that really matter. Liberating Structures stand for dialogue, learning and collaboration. Most structures are incredibly simple and easy to learn and completely practical to apply instantly with any group size. They generate different results without expensive investments, complicated training, or shifts in formal structure – and they are naturally apt to explore complex, messy, nonlinear, uncertain challenges.

Liberating Structures put YOU (and everyone) in the driving seat. No longer a guru holding everyone’s space. Liberating Structures invite all our senses, hearts, minds and souls into everyday interactions.

"The best multiplier to spread Liberating Structures is the team. If the whole team learns Liberating Structures, the new way of collaborating and meeting will become organic and natural." Nur Rokhmah Hidayati, ResultsinHealth

Immerse yourself in Liberating Structures for a better present, and future

The people who joined one of our immersion workshops (online and face-to-face) were as enthusiastic about Liberating Structures immediately when they experienced it.

How it works

  • A hands-on, lively experience of the Liberating Structures toolbox – learn by doing!
  • Inspiring, curious, motivated people coming from different walks of life
  • Serious fun, connecting with the Liberating Structures community and spirit
  • An experienced and keen design team who worked with the Liberating Structures inventors (Henri Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless) and pioneers (Anna Jackson and Fisher S. Qua)
  • Documentation for our process step by step completed with links to further reading and resources.
  • Availability for follow-up questions, advice and coaching.

Who is this for?

Everyone collaborating, having meetings and hungry for more inspiring conversations. Particularly suited for: Facilitators, leaders, agile/scrum or process consultants, team leaders, activists, coaches, trainers, project managers, collaboration boosters, interaction catalysts…

When is it and what do I need to know?

This is a 4-half day ONLINE Immersion Workshop carried out in two blocks of two half days, interspersed with two or three weeks of practice and reflection to prepare everyone for the second half.

  • ‘Get to know your fellow explorers’ session: Thursday, June 1, 9h-9h30 CEST*
  • The first half of the workshop: June 14 and 15, 2023, 9h-12h CEST
  • Between the first and the second part of the workshop, you have 3 weeks to practice,try out, test and reflect, with a Liberating Structures buddy. 
  • We also invite you (optional) for a 'magic sauce session' on 29 June from 9:00-10:15 CEST to explore some of the theory behind Liberating Structures and get a brief overview of all 33 structures.
  • The second half of the workshop: July 5 and 6, 2023, 9h-12h CEST

* All times indicated are CEST (Central European Summer Time = Amsterdam, Barcelona, Ljubljana, Paris, Warsaw, Zurich time)


Indulging Xmas offer: 432 Euro, excl. VAT 21% - till 24th of December 2022

Special Winter bird: 543 Euro, excl. VAT 21% - till 20th of March 2023

Standard admission: 654 Euro, excl. VAT 21%

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Are you in?

We work with a limited number of participants. Do you want to join us? Block your agenda on June 14-15 and July 5-6 from 9h-12h CEST and register now!

After registering you will receive further instructions and inspiration to prepare for the Liberating Structures immersion workshop.

Language: English

I’m in!

Who will be helping us immerse ourselves?

Nadia von Holzen is a guide, mentor, and facilitator who inspires individuals, teams, and networks to create new expectations for the way how to meet and collaborate. Virtually and in person. Each meeting is a precious moment to connect, share, learn and collaborate. On her mission to spread facilitation skills, the Liberating Structures toolbox and repertoire play a key role. Liberation Structures are easy to do. They create different energy and surprising insights and provide a shared language for teams to work together.

Ewen Le Borgne’s work exists in order for people to develop their ‘collaboration/process literacy’ ie. to sharpen their skills, tools, language, mind frame around collaboration, so they can mobilise and combine all their qualities and aspirations towards healthy human systems and/or a healthy planet. Liberating Structures are part of his repertoire because they’re a crime to keep secret. They help anyone go deep fast, and they don’t require a ton of facilitation experience.

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