Purpose is in the Air | Breathwork with David

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Purpose is in the Air | Breathwork with David

Weekly Holotropic breathwork session with David

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Time to figure out what your purpose in life is? Just take a deep breath...

That's right, we usually have all the answers inside of us. We sometimes just need a little help accessing them. In these sessions, we will use the breath to create clarity for our future, find meaning in our past and learn how to be more present.

Depending on the need of the group the sessions usually dive deeper into the following themes:

  • Self love
  • Clarity (using the Ikigai method)
  • Trauma to purpose
  • Manifestation breathwork

What you will get out of this:

  • Gain clarity on what your purpose in life is
  • Unlock the potential that lies inside of you;
  • Find out what ikigai is and how you can use it to create a meaningful life;
  • Get the strength and beliefs to pursue your purpose.

Breathwork | During this session, we will use the breath as a tool to access our subconscious to create clarity on whatever is alive in during the session.

The beauty of breathwork is that you will always get what you need in that specific moment! Not always what you expect or even want.

Kemie, Adrian and David work together on purpose and transformation in the 'Retreat with Purpose' in Bali Indonesia. To spread their work to a wider audience and give alumni an opportunity to keep practicing breathwork in a group setting they have started the purpose is in the air breathwork online program.

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Weekly subscription plan is available

Join this session to be able to sign up for our monthly subscription plan. A minimum of 3 weekly breathwork sessions a week with personal feedback through Zoom. On top of that, we offer monthly challenges, guests peakers, workshops, and more for a monthly fee.

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