Solar Lab: Personal | Eindhoven

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Solar Lab: Personal | Eindhoven

This Solar Lab explores "embodied interactions" with solar energy and make the technology approachable, tactile and inviting.

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New Order of Fashion LAB 22-06 Torenallee 5617 BD Eindhoven Netherlands

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About this event

The Solar Lab-Personal is part of The Solar Biennale program


Energy systems are typically placed out of sight and operate in the background of our experience. Solar Design opens possibilities for direct, embodied interaction with energy in the everyday living environment. This can make energy more tangible, and while the sun’s energy is abundant, her rhythm also dictates new patterns of use of energy.

Solar Design

Solar designers are both questioning and expanding the materiality of solar technology by proposing new ways to integrate the technology with other materials. Their work gives new emotional and aesthetic values to solar technology by making it for instance colorful, soft and cuddly, pliable, invisible, modular or full of playful patterns. This makes solar energy more user friendly, understandable and approachable.

Research question

How can personal interactions with energy be made more visible and tangible, and what values and qualities of the sun can we use to make this relationship more conscious and meaningful?

Design a “solar design probe” - a material, artifact or product - meant for personal interactions in an everyday living context. This probe explores solar energy through all our bodily senses: seeing, feeling & touching, hearing, smelling and tasting. What qualities of the sun are materialized in the design probe and how can people engage with these qualities both physically and emotionally.

Experts, facilitators, mentors

The Solar Lab program will feature several leading solar designers, solar researchers and solar material engineers to provide inspiration, share their extensive knowledge and provide feedback on participant's ideas. Among others with leading solar designer Pauline van Dongen, researcher Angella Mackey and researcher and co-founder Georgia Kareola.

For whom?

This lab is for everyone who wonders: how to become a solar designer? Both beginners as more advanced designers are welcome. No solar insider knowledge is necessary.

Lab facilities

The Solar Lab - Personal will take place at and in collaboration with the New Order of Fashion Institute (NOoF) in Eindhoven. NOoF is an international platform for exceptional fashion talent that enables forward thinking designers to boost the revolution of and the transition to a circular fashion industry. The NOoF Lab and Atelier will provide participants with professional and accessible tools and materials to work and experiment with.