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Basic training for new activists

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A 5 hour training at our Amsterdam warehouse to practice your skills as an activist.

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In this training we'll get to know each other and the warehouse. We practice skills you'll need as an activist by simulating a real action. 

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We have limited spots, to guarantee the 1.5 m distance between people. Claim your 'ticket' here.

Be prepared...

  1. Go to and create your profile. Check out the  introduction training* and especially the chapter 'actietactieken'. The training will teach you about the values of Greenpeace and our history with non violent direct actions. 
  2. Answer a few quick questions in the course 'basic training for new activists'. Just to let us know about your motivation and expectations for this training. You'll also find inspiration and frequently asked questions about the legal consequences of being an activist. 

*The online introduction training is in Dutch, please contact Elize ( for an English version!

Video about our specialists in the climbing and boat team

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New activists practicing with step ladders before the action simulation

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