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Breast Tissue Treatments

Praktijk Manitou

Donderdag 1 maart 2018 om 09:00 - Vrijdag 2 maart 2018 om 17:00 (Greenwich Mean Time Verenigd Koninkrijk-tijd)

Breast Tissue Treatments


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Breast Tissue Treatment   meer info 28 feb. 2018 Gratis  

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 How well do you take care of your breasts?

 Do you (sometimes) worry about your breasthealth?

 Are your breasts feeling sore or tender?

 Do you have little lumps or cysts in the breasts of which your doctor told you not to worry, but you secretly still do?

 Or are you Trying To Conceive and wanting to breastfeed after your pregnancy?

Breast Tissue Treatment is a way of taking care of your breasts.
The manual treatments are based on holistic philosophy and techniques. They are safe, gentle, effective and often long lasting. Treatments can reduce hardened, grainy or dense tissue, and also remove painful lumps in the breasts.* 

A treatment also can alleviate unnecessary worries. It can also have a balancing influence on your physical, hormonal and emotional state.

*) diagnosed by a doctor as harmless. 
If there is any doubt about the condition of your breasts always visit your doctor or specialist.
Having “abused” my breasts with a mammogram last year (never ever again!) I was so looking forward to receiving a Breast Tissue Treatment with Janine, for some much needed TLC. What a beautiful experience it was, held with such gentle care as the emotional layers were revealed. Being in Janine’s deeply skilful hands allowed release and left my breasts feeling light and energised. With an unexpected bonus of also feeling relief with a shoulder issue I’ve had for many years. Thank you Janine, I’ll be back for more!
(read more reviews on the fb-page of Praktijk Manitou)

Most women need 2 or 3 treatments before their breasts have gained back there health, pain and harmless lumbs dissolve and/or the emotional processes have been cleared. 

✨ Location: London - exact location soon to be announced. But easily accessible by public transport
✨ Treatment fee: £80 
✨ Payment in advance through a local bank (so no exchange rate for you) after you've received the invoice.

If you want to book in with me or have any questions, please send me an email: janine@praktijkmanitou.nl
I'll respond with the available timeslots and the information you want/need. 

Lookin' forward meeting you!!

Kind regards,

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Waar en wanneer

Natural Health Options
4 Buckingham Parade
The Broadway
HA7 4EB London
Verenigd Koninkrijk

Donderdag 1 maart 2018 om 09:00 - Vrijdag 2 maart 2018 om 17:00 (Greenwich Mean Time Verenigd Koninkrijk-tijd)

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Praktijk Manitou

Praktijk voor vrouwen, gespecialiseerd in menstruatie cyclus, natuurlijke vruchtbaarheid, vrouwengezondheid en borstgezondheid.

Practice for women, specialised in menstrual cycle, natural fertility, womens health and breast health.

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