Dutch conversation club Eindhoven - to improve your Dutch

Dutch conversation club Eindhoven - to improve your Dutch

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19 Keizersgracht

5611 GC Eindhoven


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Dutch conversation club Eindhoven

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We are a little group of enthusiastic volunteers who host a weekly free and informal Dutch conversation. We welcome every international who would like to improve his/her Dutch conversation skills.

The purpose is to enjoy each others company, have some coffee and learn to speak Nederlands!!!

You will participate in a group at your Dutch level, which can be level A1 - C1.

Every week we have a different subject to focus on or we might talk about topics as living in the Netherlands, the culture and habits, nice places to visit, etc...

Time: doors open at 12:50, we start at 13:00 - 14:00.

Location: Lab-1, Keizersgracht 19 in the centre of Eindhoven.

Thanks for looking at our free event. For more info and posts that can help you learn Dutch, check out our Facebook page from Dutch conversation club Eindhoven.

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