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Donderdag 28 november 2013 van 19:00 tot 23:00 (CET)

Rotterdam, Nederland



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What moments in your life have defined the way you are today? Most likely in those moments you lost some of your innocence. Whether it is being in love for the first time, stealing your first candy bar or losing a loved one. From the moment we are born little by little we all lose our innocence. Some in more dramatic ways than others. But how much innocence can you lose? What else do you lose with it? And can you regain innocence once you’ve lost it?


On November 28 during ENTER | INNOCENCE we will give a tribute to innocence. This mini festival will be an exploration of innocence and its impact on our day-to-day lives.


As you can expect from us we have a strong line-up of speakers, surprising performances and other thrills. The festival will be hosted at former prison Noordsingel. This will be one of the last events before this historic location will be completely renovated.


Looking forward to seeing you at ENTER | INNOCENCE.


123RF, Gemeente Rotterdam, Chocomel, Gin & Tonic Club, and Hilton Hotels make ENTER | INNOCENCE happen.

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Waar en wanneer

Gevangenis Noordsingel
115 Noordsingel
3035 EM Rotterdam

Donderdag 28 november 2013 van 19:00 tot 23:00 (CET)

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