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IMPROVE your PUBLIC SPEAKING - Toastmasters of The Hague, NL

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Join us & see how easy it is to learn and practice public speaking. We provide a safe environment for personal development.

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Toastmasters of The Hague (TMOTH) is an English speaking club with a rich international expat and Dutch membership of professionals, entrepreneurs, self-employed. We improve our communication and leadership skills by practicing and learning from each other. As pod casts, vlogs, on-line courses become increasingly popular, at this moment, TMOTH is a great way to improve your camera presence and connect-ablity with your digital audience. Our Thursday evening meetings are a combination of prepared speeches (5-7 minutes) with impromptu exercises.  Guests are encourage to participate but can also "pass".

On Line meeting structure: TMOTH on-line meetings, like all TM normal meetings, are structured with planned speeches AND impromptu / story telling exercises. Five members take roles as Grammarian; Time-keeper; Ah-counter (word filler); General Evaluator; Toastmaster of the Evening (TME).Please log on at 19:50. We begin promptly at 20:00. The audience listens to prepared speeches with particular goals the speaker needs to focus on and achieve. The TME will communicate this prior to each speech. After the speaker is finished, the audience has one minute to write an evaluation directly to the speaker, using in the message section of Zoom.On Line etiquette:* Kindly mute your microphones during speeches and unmute accordingly.* Guests are welcome to participate in the impromptu sessions or pass.

The basic structure is that we meet on line every 1st, 3rd, 4th (& 5th)Thursday of every month. Log on from 19:45.

Membership: For less than €15.00/month, receive training, a mentor, a monthly magazine, and network with international & local professionals - most of all, enjoy laughing while learning.

Need more details? Kindly contact me (Sonia) at or call me at 0624225045.

Looking forward to meeting you and your participation.

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