Meet, Greet & Learn for HSP’s: Transforming struggles into strengths

Meet, Greet & Learn for HSP’s: Transforming struggles into strengths

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Transforming highly sensitive struggles into strengths by individual wisdom and eagle eyes' vision.

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In today’s Meet, Greet & Learn, I invite you to get together to talk and share your life experience and knowledge as a high sensitive. We’ll focus on finding the solution, power and strengths of struggles we as high sensitives have. These could be any form of struggle: from daily struggles like draining energy to the challenge of discovering your purpose in life.

Your life experience and inner wisdom matter!

We’ll learn what those struggles actually mean and how we can transform them into strengths. This means sometimes we need to see the overall perspective of our lives and use our eagle’s eyes to tune in and get an overview. Your life experience might be life changing to someone else’s daily struggle and give them that overview and meaning that they need.

Meditation for integration and union

We’ll end the meeting with a meditation to integrate what we’ve learned and share this with the collective atmosphere. Maybe you'll also get that overview you needed. Don’t worry, no experience for meditation is necessary, just the intention to want to share and receive. I promise you, you’ll feel great afterwards.

Feel welcome to meet likeminded people!

In an intimate, living room setting, you are welcome to share, or not share and just be. Tea and water will be provided for cosy comfort. There is space for a limited number of people. If you registered and are not able to come, please cancel or notify me of your cancellation. In this way, we can make space for other likeminded people who would like to have the opportunity to share as well.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and share!

Further information

  • Language: Dutch or English.
  • What to bring: curiosity, openness and whatever you need to feel good.
  • Location: Amsterdam Zuid, de Pijp (you’ll receive the address after signing up).
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