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One day retreat: "Home is where the heart is"


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Koniginnegracht 28

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Living abroad or travelling to a foreign country can be very exciting but also sometimes nerve breaking.
You are unfamiliar with the culture, the people and the surrounding that you are in.

You are confronted with parts in yourself that you did not even know of. Like loneliness, feeling misunderstood, home sick, vulnerability, insecurity, etc.

As the saying goes “home is where the heart is”, but to experience this we need to learn how to keep our hearts open. When we go through all the changes that come along with moving countries, leaving family and friends, getting a new job.

In this one day retreat, we focus on how you can use all these (e)motions to reconnect with your core, your center. To grow into more self knowledge, confidence, power, self love, trust. Which will make it easier for you to feel at home wherever you are.

Techniques we will use are: mindfulness, coaching and healing.

Exercises will be on grounding, heart opening, awareness of body, mind and soul


Expats, (business) travellers and re-immigrants.

Those who wish to feel home wherever they are.

What will we do:

-Heart opening exercises

-Share experiences

-Grounding exercises

-Connect with body, mind and soul

-Self healing and coaching techniques


This day will be designed around your needs.


Saturday 26 May 2018


150 euro ( incl healthy lunch)

What to wear?

Comfortable clothing


" I so enjoyed the workshop. It's honestly such a treat to spend time with someone so open, deep and philosophical. I feel like my mind (and space) has expanded since seeing you and i'm even more ready to push into new experiences this year. Thank you for that" Alice M., London

Teacher Liz La Force

Liz has been working and living abroad for many years as a coach, healer and intuitive teacher. She learnt a great deal of using these techniques herself in the last 25 years.

Now able to stay centered wherever she goes on her travels for work or pleasure. Independent of the surrounding or circumstances. She loves to share her love and wisdom with others.

By workshops, retreats and individual sessions.

More info about Liz on

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Koniginnegracht 28

Den Haag


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