Shining3D Demo Day

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Shining 3D experts are coming to the Netherlands for demonstrations together with the 3D scanning experts from MakerPoint.

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Shining 3D offers multiple 3D scanning technologies for a wide range of industries, from structured light desktop and handheld scanners to metrology scanners. Please get in touch with us to discover the possible applications at 085-0187407 or

Wednesday September 23th you can register for our demo day at Makerpoint Arnhem, to see the new 3D scanning solutions from Shining 3D directly on your application. You can bring examples to scan with you to test and discuss the possibilities. The newest model, the EinScan Pro H /HX , will also be present.

Please note that due to COVID-19, you are required to register in advance. Timeslots are approximately 60 minutes long. Per slot, only one company and up to two people can register.

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