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TALK: Thomas Vailly - The Process

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The New Institute 25-Architectuur Museumpark 3015 CB Rotterdam Netherlands

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Thomas Vailly, Itay Ohaly and others have created the C-Factory (Creative Factory), an installation that restores designers’ control over their own creations. Made up of a production line, machines, tools and products, the C-Factory engages with the audience. It proposes an alternative form of industrialisation, production and consumption.

The New Institute is exhibiting Line 02, an installation that forms part of the C-Factory. Line 02 enacts a dialogue between 3D modelling, rapid prototyping, craftsmanship and design. It provides a versatile, low-tech way to produce fluid and organic plastic shapes. The installation features latex sheets that can be stretched, scaled and blown to create an infinity of fluid volumes.

TALK - 10 October
Vailly’s talk will focus on production processes and their design, at various scales and in different contexts, including metabolism, one-person factories, and the city as a production machine.

Thursday 10 October
Admission: free (registration at
Language: English

WORKSHOP: Production Line for the New Factory
Vailly will also lead a workshop which will get participants (designers, engineers, makers*) analysing, questioning and changing production processes, including their own, and developing new ones.

* Attendance at the talk is mandatory for workshop participants. At the end of the talk, they will receive a homework assignment related to the processes in their own design practices.

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