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Looking to hire the best Junior Developers? Join our Virtual Hiring event!

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Looking to hire the most talented Junior Developers?

This is a golden opportunity to meet 10+ available Junior Developers (from a pool of 30+) in only one morning and for free. If this is not enough reason for you to attend, here are some more:

  • Outstanding and Well Trained Talent. 35% of the applicants are accepted at Codaisseur. 75% graduate. 97% of the program’s content fits with the most required soft and tech skills required by the market for junior developers.
  • Diverse Backgrounds and Locations. From successful former team leaders to PHD grads and everything in between. The candidates are much more than developers, and they live all around the Netherlands.
  • Passionate and Fast Learners. They have learned Full Stack JavaScript and built multiple projects in only 11 weeks of training. Imagine their learning curve at your company after 6 months
  • Talent Branding and Networking. Get brand and organisation noticed by the new generation developers and meet relevant companies in your sector
  • Meet the new Codaisseur Career Services Team and Benefits for partners. Explore how Codaisseur can help you with your recruitment process
  • Get matched with the right candidates for your position. Our Team will gather the requirements and preferences to select an ideal group of candidates.

The Day's Schedule

9:30 Welcoming and Codaisseur Presentation

9:45 Companies 1-minute Presentation

10:00 Coffee Break!

10:30 Speed dating with Developers

11:00-11:10 Coffee Break!

12.00 Official Closing

Looking forward to attending? The only requirement is to have an open position for a Junior Developer (Frontend, Backend or Full-Stack). Limited spots, Registration open till Friday, October 23rd . No hiring fees or hidden costs.

Questions? Send us an email at

See you at the event!


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