Virtual IT Pro Insights – June Edition


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Virtual IT Pro Insights – June Edition

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With the Corona crisis being the new normal, we have decided to commit our self to deliver the same rich content as ever! This is why we have decided to bring the next session as a virtual event.

Our next event will be on the 9th of June (09/06), with again two sessions full of interesting content.

This is a placeholder for that date, we will announce the speakers and sessions soon!

Afterwards we will open a Virtual Teams Café for socializing! (Thanks to @Johan Delimon for the idea.)


• 20h00: Welcome

• 20h10: Session 1 - To be defined

• 20h55: Virtual Coffee Break

• 21h05: Session 2 - To be defined

• 21h50: Q&A

• 22h00: Virtual Teams Café

When: 09/06/2020 @YourPlace

Location: Microsoft Teams Event

Technine is part of the Belgian ICT Communities:

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