WatchExpo 2022

WatchExpo 2022

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Hart van Holland

12 Berencamperweg

3861 MC Nijkerk


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For the first time ever in the Netherlands, an amazing expo filled with hundreds of high quality vintage & new watches.

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Immerse yourselves into a world of watches, luxury goods, whisky, wines and made to measure mens wear. We've teamed up with some of the leading Dutch luxury jewelers, dealers and bespoke tailor to bring you an elite exhibition all under one roof in the most central located venue in the Heart of the Netherlands.

Taking place in Hart van Holland's congrescentre, this prestigious event has everything to offer in every aspect throughout the passion asset industry.

The launch of the show aims to be a huge success, we expect 2000 attendees across the weekend as well as many traders, dealers and exhibitors.

At the show you can expect to see the following:

- Top watch traders fromthe Netherlands and Europe

- Champagne Bar & Live Music

- Luxury Competitions

- The chance to buy watches at discounted prices

- The opportunity to buy - sell - trade

- Insurance evaluations on site

- Watchmakers & specialist advisors

- Watch refinishing on site

- Watch Accessories & Merchandise

- Watch Art

- Wide Array Of Other Luxury Goods

- Top tier security

If you have any questions please do contact us on +31618290303.

Website: for updates



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