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Cyberterrorisme War Right-wing Terrorism by Mondy Holten Big Data & Cyber Security Analyst resume Indeed and Google 2022 Rusia Ukraine

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Bibliography: Internet-Driven Right-Wing Terrorism

Compiled and selected by Judith Tinnes

[Bibliographic Series of Perspectives on Terrorism – BSPT-JT-2020-6]


This bibliography contains journal articles, book chapters, books, edited volumes, theses, grey literature, news ar-

ticles, blogposts, multimedia items, bibliographies, and other resources on internet-driven right-wing terrorism.

It focuses on recent publications (up to May 2020) and should not be considered as exhaustive. The literature has

been retrieved by manually browsing more than 200 core and periphery sources in the field of Terrorism Studies.

Additionally, full-text and reference retrieval systems have been employed to broaden the search.

Keywords: bibliography, resources, literature, right-wing terrorism, attacks, mass shootings, Pittsburgh,

Christchurch, Poway, El Paso, Bærum, Halle, Hanau, social media, 4chan, 8chan, Discord, Gab, Telegram,

memes, memetic warfare, manifestos, “Alt-Right”, accelerationism

NB: All websites were last visited on 03.06.2020. - See also Note for the Reader at the end of this literature list.

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Afbeelding van ZokuAmsterdam.NL  CyberCrime-Driven Right-Wing Terrorism & Discrimininatie

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