Why You Are You

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Why You Are You

An invitation to explore yourself and to understand our differences.

By MindTime

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February 28 · 9am - August 1 · 10am PST



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About this event

Unlock better outcomes in your interactions with people by learning what makes you YOU, and different from others.

In this workshop, you will learn how your thinking is driving your behaviors and how it shapes your communication with people and what they actually need from you.

You will also learn how your thinking creates dynamics that can either propel or hinder you and your relationships. By learning to use a simple map of thinking you will gain a deeper understanding of how to reframe conversations and see the world through a more focused and clear lens.

In 60 minutes you can expect to:

  • Learn how to stay true to your way of thinking and being
  • Know what trips you up and how to navigate around it
  • Learn the kinds of things that recharge your batteries and those that drain
  • Understand people’s dynamics and manage interactions better
  • Immediately apply insights in practical ways in your life

Limited workshop size to guarantee interactivity – Lots of dates and times to choose from

Don’t love it? No problem, get your money back, (we’re all ears if you want to tell us why).



The magic of your thinking

How to understand your needs

Making relationships easier

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