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AvMM - Michel Cloosterman

Michel Cloosterman is partner and chairman of AvMM Cooperation, a Dutch Training and Educational Institute of specialists. He started this company in 2010. Michel worked at different companies as coach, HR leader and lecturer. He now focuses on LEGO SERIOUS PLAY being a Trainer and Facilitator of the Association of Master Trainers. He delivers training programs and works directly with his own clients. He works mostly in Europe.

Michel started working with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® in 2011. He works mostly in the areas of education, health and small businesses. He has worked with teams on business planning and team development, but also designed workshops how to develop new education curricula. Besides his activities as executive coach, he is also a lecturer and invited teacher at different schools, primary and university, where he teaches on the subjects of organizational development, communication and HR. Since 2013 he works as a LEGO Education teacher trainer.

Michel Cloosterman has a Master’s degree in both History and International Labour Studies and successfully finished a 2½ years business course on one of the leading Dutch business institutes. During his career as HR Leader he focused on developing programs for leaders and middle management.

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