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Bricks and Business

Bricks and Business is a Dutch Training and Educational Institute. The company started in 2008 and is nowadays driven forward by Marianne and Michel Cloosterman.

Bricks and Business drives collaboration and innovation through creative and engaging methods. Amongst these the insights of the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method stimulates collaboration and innovation between people.

Michel is one out of forteen trainers of the Association of Master Trainers, the fastest growing network of LSP-facilitators in the World. He delivers training programs and works directly with his clients and works mostly in Europe.

Besides working with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, Bricks and Business combines great partnerships with deliveries on topics of Innovation, Design Thinking, Strategic Design, Cultural awareness through storyttelling and Leadership and Team Communication

Michel Cloosterman has a Master’s degree in both History and International Labour Studies and successfully finished a 2½ years business course on one of the leading Dutch business institutes. During his career as a HR Leader, coach and lecturer he focused on developing programs for leaders and middle management.

Marianne takes care of all the backoffice activities, organizing the trainings, making sure that clients get the information needed and handling webshop activities. 

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