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Delft Design for Values Institute

Responsible Innovation

The Delft Design for Values (DDFV) Institute works on addressing the grand challenges of the 21st century by means of responsible innovation. This requires pro-actively addressing relevant moral and social values already in the design phase of new technologies, services, spaces, businesses, and institutions.

Design for Values

There are several reasons for adopting the DDFV approach: (1) the avoidance of technology rejection due to a mismatch with the values of users or society, (2) the improvement of technologies/design by embodying these values, and (3) the generation or stimulation of values in users through design.

Portal and Booster

DDFV is the portal and booster of Design for Values research and education at Delft University of Technology. It aims at intensifying internal and external collaborations in the area and making visible what our university has to offer as a major partner in the debate on / implementation of design for values.

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