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Dutch Business Round Table Switzerland

The Dutch Business Roundtable has been active in the Dutch-Swiss community since 1995. Its activities stem from the Dutch Embassy in Switzerland and are focused on both establishing new and strengthening existing relations between the Netherlands and Switzerland. This is done through organising network and knowledge-based events (with a touch of Dutch) for both CEO’s and seasoned professionals throughout Switzerland.

 The DBRT currently has four active hubs: Zurich, Geneva, Basel and one in Zug that each organise about 12 professional events a year in their region. While most of our members are Dutch, all expats are welcomed in our midst and we collaborate with other Professional Expat Groups on a regular basis. In Zurich alone, about 650 professionals find their way to the DBRT events every year, most of them entrepreneurs or working on senior management level within multinational organisations. That being said, we also have a growing group of Highly Talented Young Expat Professionals (24-35).  

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