Afbeelding voor organisatorprofiel

FndrVestr Amsterdam

If I would ask you what is the only thing you will continuously have to do throughout your business journey what would be the first thing that comes to your mind?

No matter what you think it is, the real answer is pitching, presenting, or explaining what your idea is or what your business does. You need to pitch your idea to your family so they can support you, to your friends so they can root for you but most importantly to investors so they can fund you.

I would like to introduce you to FndrVestr (mix between the words funder and investor) which is the simplest way possible to pitch your idea to anyone in particular investors.

How? By using audio instead of video. Investors or anyone else don’t have much time but if you can provide them with an audio solution you then provide them with a better opportunity to learn about you while they can still perform their other tasks.

This increases their productivity while increasing your chances to be heard and thus be funded. If you don’t need financing right away you will still benefit from being known earlier rather later so that important people follow your progress.

Helaas, er zijn geen komende evenementen