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Jasmin K. Böhmer

Utrecht Bioinformatics Center


The Utrecht Bioinformatics Center (UBC) performs life science research using big data analysis on DNA, genes, proteins and cells. By integrating data from various sources, we develop innovative methods that are at the foundation of solving of important problems in cancer genomics and molecular evolution. The UBC fosters and promotes the bioinformatics community at Utrecht Science Park.


Data Stewardship

The Data Stewardship portfolio of the UBC contains regular open consulting hours on research data management (RDM) for members of the Utrecht bioinformatics community.

For the first time, a research data management focussed workshop series consisting of four individual sessions will take place in fall and winter 2019.

All Data Stewardship related events and services are provided by the Data Steward of the Center for Molecular Medicine of the UMC Utrecht, Jasmin Böhmer.

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