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Le Wagon Amsterdam

Le Wagon is a coding school. We teach students the core concepts of programming, web development, product design and Data Science. With us, students learn how to build robust and beautiful web or mobile applications, collaborate within a team of developers and adopt the technical workflow used by successful tech companies all over the world.

Reviews about us

In 2019, for the third year in a row Le Wagon is ranked #1 in the top 40 best coding bootcamps worldwide. At Le Wagon we are continuously devoted in delivering an impeccable learning experience to our students. This would be impossible without our teachers who are passionate to share their knowledge and grow the future talent of the tech industry.

You can find all students’ reviews about us on CourseReport and SwitchUp. TechCrunch already described us in 2016 as “quietly becoming a major coding bootcamp in Europe”.

Le Wagon’s curriculum

At Le Wagon we teach Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Besides the hard skills we also teach our students the soft skills and all the best practices necessary needed to work on a tech product in a startup: how to write your user stories, draw your database scheme, build a mockup with Sketch, collaborate using pull-requests and code-reviews on Github. You can dig deeper into our program to learn more. We are a product driven coding school. Our unique goal is to facilitate becoming an outstanding entrepreneur/developer who is able to code his/her own projects and to deeply understand technical issues. Have a look at some of our student projects to see for yourself.

Watch our demo days!

Curious to find out what our students have built in the last 10 days of their coding bootcamp of their 9 week coding bootcamp? Check out our demo day presentations. You can also read some alumni stories to see what our alumni become after Le Wagon.

2 months of acceleration, a community for life

Ask any students about Le Wagon, one of our main strengths is our community. One of the best tech communities in the world. 10000+ worldwide students with various backgrounds (engineers, journalists, architects, designers..) are chatting every day on our Slack channels, asking questions to our teaching staff, sharing tips, resources, code gists, job offers and news from their products. The 9-week bootcamp is an acceleration program, but after that, Le Wagon is a great community to be part of for life!

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