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Liberation Entertainment

2018 is the year that Liberation Entertainment will change the game forever! It has been set up by three young entrepreneurs with a passion for music and the will to go where others dare to dream of. What started as an idea has grown into a professional organization that wants to put itself on the map internationally. Liberation Entertainment has big plans for innovative events at both indoor and outdoor locations. At all events, high demands are placed on the experience, production and catering industry in order to create a constant satisfaction with the public. The quality is therefore much more important than the quantity. The audience we focus on is energetic, ambitious and dynamic. At the events, we want to distinguish ourselves by our varied range of music, the extra focus on the woman, but especially the strong interaction with the audience. As a result, we hope a large permanent support will emerge that will faithfully attend our events. We work closely with a number of reliable partners, so loyalty is our top priority.


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