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Network Yoga Therapy | Anneke Sips

Network Yoga Therapy is an international Network of professionals and enthousiasts interested in yoga, healthcare and science, founded in 2010 by Anneke Sips (RN, C-IAYT).

This is an international Network of professionals in the field of yoga, healthcare and science. NYT envisions a world in which yoga therapy is respected internationally as a therapy and profession that empowers clients/practitioners with both the knowledge and tools to take care of their health and wellbeing, including physical, mental, social, and spiritual health.

A world, where yoga therapists work with institutions and professionals in other fields, such as medicine, psychiatry, social welfare, and education. Yoga Therapists have in-depth knowledge of traditional yoga and how it applies to address and promote mental and physical health.

To enjoy yoga therapy in it's full potential, it is important to understand it's unique perspective and provide the practices within their own context of explanatory frameworks. This way we prevent that it's provided through a biomedical lens, which would potentially weaken the practices.

At our events, expect a melting pot of professionals and enthusiasts in yoga and healthcare from all over the globe: Yoga teachers and -therapists, yoga practitioners, nurses, (Ayurvedic-) doctors and physiotherapists, researchers and thought-leaders.

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