Afbeelding voor organisatorprofiel

Presentation Master & The Board Whisperers

Presentation-Master started in 2013 when Nienke van Bezooijen realized it was time to combine all the knowledge she gathered from all over the world about public speaking, into her own company. Nienke is a true senior master and mentor for professional speakers, thought-leaders and change-makers who want to cover their blind spots and improve their impact from within. To multiply the power and influence of today’s speakers, she trained others to work with the unique E.A.S.E. Professional Speaker System. Presentation-Master takes the stand to provide the world with an authentic voice that will generate Influence, Impact with a fitting Image, and Inspiration in the field of industry. Working with Presentation Masters will transform you into a confident speaker whenever and wherever you need to speak in public, or online.

The Board ````Whisperers is founded by Daphne Laan & Sonja Wekema. They work with founders, executive teams and boards to zoom in and out, to stretch the boundaries of what’s possible to create new opportunities. They empower clients to cultivate the right mindset and harness creative energy to establish a strong legacy. `They help create an active culture where everyone participates and adopts the power of creativity. `They stretch the boundaries of what’s possible to create new opportunities, as the future starts today. The `Board Whisperers will help expand perspectives to create room for change.