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Queen's English Theatre Company


by Oscar Wilde
directed by Mark Winstanley
November 5th to 9th 2019
CC Amstel Theater, Amsterdam


"Captivating... intriguing, witty, razor-sharp words... It’s clear that this is a fun and entertaining night at the theatre."
- Matthew Curlewis, ArtsTalk Magazine


100% sold out in 2018, Wilde’s definitive comedy of manners is back owing to popular demand. A fast-moving, outrageous and contemporary take on Oscar Wilde’s masterpiece. This show features male actors in the seven principal roles plus a talented male and female supporting cast.


"Witty, sharp and convincing modern settings of ...The Importance of Being Earnest. I loved the Q-cumber Sauna and Aunt Augusta couldn't be funnier!"
- Henk Burger, writer gay romcom Gewoon Vrienden


"I didn’t know Oscar Wilde personally, but I’m pretty sure he would’ve wholeheartedly approved of the fresh approach. It would be impossible not to!"
- Dana Marin, Amsterdamian


"OMG I had such a fun time! LOOOOOVED the play!!!"
- davedelareza (Instagram)


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English Theatre in Amsterdam


QETC was founded by a small group of English-speaking theatre-lovers in 2002 and is now a registered charity. QETC's aim is to provide Amsterdam with quality, mainstream English-language theatre, performed by native English speakers.

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