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Street Art Antwerp

Promoting Antwerp through street art 

I've been documenting street art in & around Antwerp for years, collecting everything on www.streetartantwerp.com. With street art tours i want to promote these hidden gems as Art to the general public.

Next to tours i try to help artist create new walls in Antwerp, i've facilitated over 20 walls so far since 2017. 

Street Art Antwerp is also part of Street Art Cities, the first international street art project that wants to document all urban art in the world by building a community and thus promoting their city and local artists on an instant international platform.

So far more then 250+ cities have joined in over 60 countries collecting already 13.000 artworks (july 2018).If you visit a city and want to explore it in an atypical way, take a look at the website www.streetartcities.com or download the free Street Art Cities which can already be used in more then 20 cities in the world.

Street Art is hot & Antwerp has a lot


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