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Vanessa Smith - Coach. Storyteller. Intuitive.

With nearly 20 years of working with clients intuitively, my approach is, well, approachable. My toolbox is deep and my intention clear - to help you get to know yourself and your life through the intuitive lens. It really does shift everything and open you in ways you might not expect! It also helps you to have a sense of humor and lightness about life.


A certified Life Coach since 2004, with diverse leadership, creative and training positions in the field of health and wellness. I am well versed in and enjoy utilizing multiple communication platforms, from public speaking to social media, content creation to the written word. I've got a sense of people and the underlying dynamics that drive them. My goal is to help others construct happy, healthy, meaningful, and productive lives. In essence, to live what lights them up!


After following an intuitive hunch, I sold everything and relocated to Portland, Oregon, USA with my family in March 2017. I now coach other expat women to discover and create what's next for them. More at www.vasmith.com


I also like to tell stories. Especially the one about being a professional princess. You'll hear about that soon!


Additional projects:

  • Founder of Utrecht Mamas Skillshare, creating community through learning. 
  • Expat Life Utrecht, podcast coming January 2018

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