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Promotie en reclame — Perfect voor Festivals

Ticketrunner is the easiest way to set up your own Brand Ambassador Program

  • Increase reach and sales by allowing your most loyal fans to become ticket sellers. Set up a cool reward structure to show your appreciation for the tickets they sold for you.

  • Engage and communicate with your Ticketrunners to gain valuable insights for your event marketing. Strengthen your fans' bond with your event brand while remaining in total control over you Brand Ambassador Program.

  • Increase the retention rate of your fans and their friends.

  • Use the power of honest recommendations. Friends are 400% more likely to buy through a friends recommendations.
  • Identify your most powerful ambassadors through our application.


  • Customizable reward structure.
  • Automated Sequences (email, in app messages)
  • Communicate with your Ambassadors through our app
  • Identify potential ambassadors
  • Engage professional partners with commissions (Affiliate Program)


  • We'll only charge you something once you've actually sold a ticket and made money yourself. No set up costs.
  • We charge 10% of the ticket price for every tickets sold through one of your ambassadors.

We'll be happy to help you out in no time eventbrite@ticketrunner.com