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Arierang, Dutch Association of Korean Adoptees

Arierang was established in February of 1991 by a group of about 30 Dutch adoptees. Arierang consists of a minimum of 3 board members (the chairman, the secretary and the treasurer). The board is supported by a number of committees. Arierang is entirely volunteer based.

Arierang (아리랑) aims to represent the interests of Koreans adopted to the Netherlands and their families; in the broadest sense of the term.

Arierang supports research on adult adoptees and the importance of post adoption services on national and international level. Our extended network includes adoption-agencies, Korean companies and government bodies, research and counseling institutes and (inter)national adoptee associations. We also improve the visibility of adoptees in the Netherlands and their specific needs and circumstances by involvement in special art projects and finding media exposure.

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