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Cloud Architect Alliance Foundation

The Cloud Architect Alliance (CAA) is known for being a no-nonsense non commercially driven foundation. We connect (certified) experienced cloud architects and facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experiences.

The CAA is the leading network event for experienced cloud architects in Europe. We organize high-end events centralized around relevant topics. The CAA organizes 4 events per year with the main goal to share knowledge and exchange experiences among (certified) professional architects. Each event is unique and brings best-in-class content delivered by thought leaders from the industry.
As an independent forum we separate the vendor speak from the real story, hence our participants enjoy highly valued talks while enjoying a top class diner at an even better venue.

We currently focus on The Netherlands and the United Kingdom but certainly have plans to expand further within Europe.

The Cloud Architect Alliance is considered the only forum at this level for this audience. There is no comparable forum as-of-today.

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