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Jeroen Aalders

After mingling with Tibetan refugees in Nepal/North India, Jeroen Aalders became aware of the importance of freedom (both outer-, as well as inner freedom) and stimulating and inspiring others of such a similar awareness process kind of became his life’s mission. Thus expressing outer freedom, human rights and the right to be yourself, something that Tibetans, unfortunately, are deprived off in de form of his role as initiator and managing director of the ALL4FREEDOM Foundation (https://www.all4freedom.com). Inner freedom, however, is something that these very same Tibetans have always cherished and developed, through, among other things, mindfulness, meditation and their Buddhist belief and lifestyle, is shared by Jeroen during his MEDITATE4FREEDOM events and sessions. This includes experiencing of inner peace and being free of destructive emotions such as stress, fear, anger, hatred, craving, aversion, irritation, jealousy, guilt, loneliness, sadness, pain, etc.

Despite the fact that Jeroen is well able to inspire others, at first, he did not see it his task to start spreading the technique (Buddha Dharma) as some sort of guru. However, ever since he has very successfully ‘sneaked’ meditation into his formerly ‘normal’ sauna sessions, there was no way back. Hence, Jeroen relaxes people towards their reset on a daily basis during his always meditative Silent-Zen-Session sauna sessions, Tibetan singing bowl sessions and Mindful-Mint-Meditations/MMM (where on objectively observes the physical sensations in the intense mint environment). Following the aforementioned success stories and the large demand and search for further depth, relaxation, de-stressing, inner freedom and more, mindfulness/meditation coach, Jeroen, now also hosts MEDITATE4FREEDOM events, where he shares his knowledge and experience (of among other things the Tibetans lamas and various vipassana retreats) with passion and pleasure to whoever wants to hear it, feels it, needs it or benefits from it.

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