Afbeelding voor organisatorprofiel


How to build strong relationships in these challenging times? How to ensure the networking activities are contributing to obtaining our strategic goals? How to guarantee access to the right networks? How do we best work together internally to achieve this goal? What is the value of protocol in accessing the right networks? What is the value of protocol in developing effective meetings with the most valued stakeholders?

Protocolbureau provides support for the (further) development of a professional relationship management. Our expertise guarantees that the relationship with the most valued stakeholders is strengthened.

Our vision on building relationships is described in our books Protocol to Manage Relationships Today: Modern Relationship Management Based Upon Traditional Values and Managing Authentic Relationships; Facing New Challenges in a Changing Context, published by Amsterdam University Press.

This vision is also a topic at our training programmes in Amsterdam, Brussels, Doha and The Hague; learn how to use protocol to strengthen professional relationships and become the relationship management expert of your organisation.