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Real Play City Challenge

Play is essential for children to thrive now and in the future, but many urban environments lack city-wide opportunities or play strategy. That's why the Real Play City Challenge aims to claim places to play in cities for children.

The Real Play City Challenge is a partnership between the Real Play Coalition (Ingka Group [IKEA], The LEGO Foundation, National Geographic, UNICEF and Arup) and PlacemakingX (STIPO, Hannah Wright, Huasipichanga).

We want to support, promote and share initiatives that have the potential to:

- inspire more cities, placemakers, planners, real estate developers and other interested parties to act in a safe, child-friendly and playful way.

- optimize, integrate and disseminate international knowledge and experience to strengthen safe, child-friendly and playful urban practice.

- increase impact by catalyzing, replicating and scaling child-friendly, safe and playful initiatives in different contexts around the world.

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