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Shed Sessions Worldwide

Shed Sessions is a movement for Music Talent Development, sharing music, sharing musical concepts, networking, clinics, inspiration and learning how to become better musicians. We’re based in the Netherlands (Europe) and have Roster Artists from all across the globe.


Our goal is to organize sheds for musicians on all levels, from Professional to Passionate! We want to give established musicians the possibility to teach and entertain our members. We also offer great publicity for new musicians. We can also help you to get in touch with endorsers. 


Shed Sessions is an initiative of musicians coming together and sharing the passion for musical development. Our goal is to reach out to as many musicians possible and be one big musical family.


Shed Sessions Worldwide has an artist roster that reaches all over the globe. We have many artists from the USA and the Netherlands. The roster keeps growing rapidly. Feel free to contact us if you want to be part of the artist roster.


Shedding is a true American (gospel) concept that has a universal appeal to musicians worldwide. Since the rise of social media, Sheds became the cornerstone in social musical culture with gospel, R&B and contemporary musicians all over the globe. A Shed Session nowadays is the gig-to-go to meet other musicians and expand your network and knowledge.

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