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TaalKrachtig is the language instiute from Mirjam Hausmann. I am of German-Dutch descent. I was born in the Netherlands and from the age of three I grew up in the German region of Northern Hessen, in a small village between Kassel and Paderborn. I have two native languages and countries. I always felt at home in the Netherlands, so I decided to study there in 1995: Language and Culture Studies (or General Literature) in the beautiful city of Utrecht. I chose English as my language, so I followed the same language proficiency courses as English students.

I have a passion for sharing knowledge which is why I started as a language trainer in German, English and Dutch in 2005. I am friendly, client-oriented, patient, flexible, committed and experienced.

I love diversity and that’s why I offer a variety of courses: lessons for children from 4 years old, exam guidance for young people, job application training, conversation courses, business courses, private lessons, lessons for two and group lessons (max. 8 people). Relaxation and fun are important, so I offer game nights in German several times a year. I also edit and translate texts to and from German.

In my lessons I create a relaxed atmosphere where students are not afraid to talk and make mistakes. I encourage people to speak a lot, and I correct them and help with the vocabulary. Working on improving grammar is never an end in itself. Instead I focus on helping people apply it to their own context. I also provide supportive advice about apps, websites, podcasts, films and books. There is a lot of useful and fun information available to compliment my lessons.

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