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Promotie en reclame — Perfect voor Festivals

Refrl.io is the easiest way to set up your own referral program with Eventbrite.

  • Increase reach and sales by allowing every ticket buyer to become an advocat. Set up a cool rewards tailored to the needs of a festival goer (such as free drinks, fast lane passes or upgrades) and motivate them to recommend your event with their peers.

  • Fully automated process with no need of allocation of team resources

  • Integrate a viral loop by incentivizing the advocate and his friends (e.g. "Dropbox": Get your friends to download dropbox and get 150MB and you get 150MB for free)

  • Increases Sales while reducing your acquisition costs by word of mouth marketing


  • Create your own reward structure for the referrer

  • Set a discount code or reward for their friends

  • Automated Sequences (email, in app messages) to keep your referrers informed about their progress

  • Communicate with your Ambassadors through our app

--> Worry-Free-Marketing <<--

Let your customers take over and promote your event. People are 400% more likely to buy a ticket through a referral compared to an ad.


-->> 14-Days Free Trial <<--

  1. 29 € monthly fee + 10% commission on referral sales

Create up to 1 active event

Ideal for events selling up to 1.000 tickets

  1. 69 € monthly fee + 5% commission on referral sales

Create up to 5 active events

Ideal for events selling up to 15.000 tickets

  1. 299 € monthly fee + 1% commission on referral sales

Create unlimited events

Ideal for events selling up to 20.000 tickets and concert tours